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Exploring Wayanad differently staying at the Banasura Hill Resort
If there is one place we could go back in a heartbeat, it will always be Wayanad. With long stretches of luxuriant plantations, verdant hills, ...
Posted on 02/28/22

Weekend Getaways from Bangalore
There are a lot of options when it comes to weekend getaways from Bangalore including beaches, hill stations and historic places. Some of the options ...
Posted on 02/21/22

A Post-Monsoon Trip to Chikkamagaluru
Being in Bangalore for a few years now, we have been yearning to visit Chikkamagaluru for a long time. Finally it happened on my last ...
Posted on 12/31/21

Day trip to Mirjan Fort – A Hidden Gem near Gokarna
Mirjan Fort lies at around 22 kms from Gokarna in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. The fort located amidst the idyllic green surroundings by ...
Posted on 12/28/21

Hassan Windmill Temple – A Tryst with the Wind Giants
This is my story about how a small temple tucked away in a village in Hassan stole our hearts and made it to our list ...
Posted on 12/27/21

Dreamy Sunset Views In Bangalore
ENjoy the dreamy sunset views in Bangalore. This is captured by The Roaming Shoes, a platform created by Ava and Sush to share all about ...
Posted on 12/22/21

MBBS in Belarus 2021-22
Want to study MBBS in Belarus in 2021-22? Best fee structure for Indian Students. Scholarship for MBBS in Belarus. Eligibility Criteria.
Posted on 11/18/21

Making the Best of Your Time At Home with These Simple Home Decor Ideas
Since Home is the place we now spend most of our time at, we decided to break the monotony and come up with ideas that ...
Posted on 10/18/21

Rock Beach in Pondicherry
Rock beach in Pondicherry is a beautiful beach that has numerous rocks attached to it beautifully. Rock Beach is the place where we spent most ...
Posted on 10/04/21

Best Hotels In Dalhousie
You will get the same room in your Hotel room in Dalhousie. Best services will be provided to you at your bay and it will ...
Posted on 09/25/21

The Roaming Shoes | Twitter
The Roaming Shoes is about travel stories of Ava and Sush – two avid travelers who love exploring new places, cultures and cuisines together.
Posted on 08/03/21

5 Tips for Choosing Hiking Boots
Ask your friends to hike with you! Hiking is one of the way to know more about your friends and also a good way to ...
Posted on 07/31/21

Mirage Luggage – Providing High-End Luggage Pieces in Online Stores
If you are looking for a hard side or soft side luggage or carry-on, wheeled, or any other design, online stores like Mirage Luggage have ...
Posted on 07/26/21

Covid-19 have Derailed Our Travel Plans but Our Will to See the World Prevails
To be concise, travelling has become WAY a lot harder. And for several people, it almost feels like it’s not even worth trying anymore. But ...
Posted on 07/07/21

The 5 Most Colourful Places in Singapore
Before visiting Singapore, I always thought India is the only country where you can see colours everywhere. But Singapore proved me wrong with its vibrant ...
Posted on 07/05/21

Indian Restaurant in Weymouth
The Everest Lounge Restaurant & Bar combines sensational food with superlative service to create an altogether unforgettable dining experience. Our carefully crafted menu offers an ...
Posted on 06/13/21

Places to Visit in Kathmandu
The ancient city of Kathmandu is the centre of Nepal's historical and religious sites. There are a lot of places to visit in Kathmandu including ...
Posted on 06/09/21

Udupi – The Coastal Paradise of Karnataka
Sitting in the coastal belt of Karnataka, Udupi is a beautiful town famous for it’s pristine beaches, rustic temples and picturesque waterfalls. Not only the ...
Posted on 05/26/21

Varsey – A Trek through the forest of Rhododendrons
Varsey (also called Barsey) is a relatively lesser known destination in West Sikkim that is famous for its Rhododendron sanctuary. This sanctuary turns in to ...
Posted on 05/26/21

Lamahatta – The Little Romantic Hamlet in North Bengal
A lush pine forest, vast stretch of tea plantations and the delightful fragrance of plum blossoms – this is what I can think of when ...
Posted on 05/03/21

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