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Best Places to Visit in Switzerland
Switzerland is a beautiful country famous for its majestic alps, luscious chocolates and scenic train rides. Some of the best places to visit in Switzerland ...
Posted on 04/26/21

Incredible India through our eyes
This video is very close to our hearts as we made it as a tribute to our beautiful country India. In the past few years ...
Posted on 04/19/21

Paradise Beach and Island, Pondicherry – Paradise in True Sense!
Paradise beach is probably the cleanest and the prettiest beach in all of Pondicherry. This stunning white sand beach is isolated from the main town ...
Posted on 03/31/21

Making the Best of Your Time At Home with These Simple Home Decor Ideas
Since Home is the place we now spend most of our time at, we decided to break the monotony and come up with ideas that ...
Posted on 03/27/21

Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal – A Glimpse of Karnataka’s Rich Heritage
Cave temples, ancient ruins and a beautiful lake sandwiched between sandstone cliffs – Badami is a place that will easily steal your heart with its ...
Posted on 03/25/21

The Roaming Shoes - Instagram Photos and Videos
Ava & Sush - Travel & Us, forever in love with travel and each other. This is the place where we share our travel stories, ...
Posted on 03/17/21

Day trip to Mandaragiri Hill from Bangalore
This video is all about our day trip to Mandaragiri hill (in Tumkur district) from Bangalore. Boasting of a uniquely structured Jain temple, Mandaragiri also ...
Posted on 01/25/21

Nepal Tourist Place
Nepal though a small country has many tourist places to cater to every traveller's interest. You can visit the durbar squares and stupas of Kathmandu, ...
Posted on 01/18/21

5 Things to Do on Your Trip to Kovalam
Kovalam offers everything that you could possibly want from a beach destination – a lighthouse, sea with dreamy shades of blue, pastel sunsets and scrumptious ...
Posted on 12/02/20

Whether the chaos of Kathmandu or the people talking to us in fluent Hindi or the Namaste that greeted us at every place, Nepal as ...
Posted on 11/30/20

Desert Safari in Jaisalmer
Desert Safari in Jaisalmer
Posted on 11/01/20

The Roaming Shoes | Facebook
We are Ava and Sushreekant, two soulmates who are very passionate about traveling and exploring new places and cultures. This is the place where we ...
Posted on 09/21/20

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