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What health effects might diethyl phthalate have?
Di ethyl phthalate is a compound made from a group of artificial chemicals known as phthalates. The primary purpose is to add high-end flexibility to ...
Posted on 09/12/22

Chemical distributor success is ensured by offering high-quality chemicals for the automotive industry -
In order to succeed as a chemical distributor, you should be able to provide the best customer service. You must also have a strong understanding ...
Posted on 09/08/22

Meghmani - Chemical and Dyestuff Manufacturers & Suppliers in India
Meghmani is a chemicals manufacturing company that is involved in pigments and pesticides for printing and coloring in textile, and paints.
Posted on 09/08/22

When it comes to sofa styles for your space, it should be much more than sleek lines and expensive pieces; it should be a mix ...
Posted on 08/30/22

home painter brooklyn ny
Our services include taping, plastering, skim coating, decorative painting and a wide variety of color glazing, faux painting, Venetian plaster & more.
Posted on 08/30/22

Agricultural machines in Oman
With the distribution of cleaning and agricultural equipments,we focus on solutions for clean and green environment. Focusing on sales,support & service at Muscat,salalah,sohar & DUQM, ...
Posted on 08/27/22

Laurocapram Powder Price
Nanjing Hongzun supplier provides different types of laurocapram such as printing and dyeing grade, water-soluble, powder and so on at factory price.
Posted on 08/05/22

2,6-Di-tert-butyl-p-cresol food antioxidant Suppliers
2,6-Di-tert-butyl-p-cresol is used in organic synthesis, as an antioxidant for rubber, plastics, gasoline, food, animal and vegetable oils, etc.
Posted on 08/05/22

Vinyl Resin UMCH Supplier
UMCH is a polymer of vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate and maleic acid. Because UMCH contains carboxyl group, it has excellent adhesion to metals, especially aluminum, ...
Posted on 08/03/22

Lanolin Anhydrous Pharmaceutical Grade BP, USP
Lanolin is a skin penetrant, an oil derived from wool that penetrates effectively and easily into the skin.
Posted on 08/03/22

PVA BP20 Manufacturer from China
The polyvinyl alcohol supplied by BOULING is equivalent to Kuraray PVA-224, equivalent to Changchun Chemical BP-20, and equivalent to domestic 2288.
Posted on 08/03/22

Sodium Methylate 30% Solution In Methanol
The methanol solution of sodium methoxide, the sodium methoxide solution with a content of 30%, and the pure sodium methoxide are sold by our company.
Posted on 08/03/22

Blue Indicating Silica Gel Desiccant
Silica gel blue desiccant is a semi-transparent glassy substance that contains an indicator called cobalt When free from moisture, beads are dark blue.
Posted on 08/03/22

China 65% P-Toluene Sulfonic Acid Solution (PTSA)
Nanjing Jianci Chemical is committed to providing users in the chemical industry with a 65% aqueous solution of p-toluenesulfonic acid.
Posted on 08/03/22

Solid Glass Beads suppliers& manufacturers
Glass microspheres produced by Nanjing Jianzun Glass Microsphere Plant Co.,Ltd are widely used in buoyancy materials, coatings, aviation and other fields.
Posted on 08/03/22

Copper Sulfate Monohydrate Powder for Sale
Copper sulfate monohydrate sold by Yihua Chemical is a white powdery chemical product, which is a new type of feed additive widely used abroad.
Posted on 08/03/22

Supply Ammonium Metavanadate powder
Ammonium metavanadate is used as catalyst, drier, mordant, etc., and can also be used to prepare vanadium pentoxide.
Posted on 08/03/22

polymer PVA 2488
Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is one of the few synthetic water-soluble polymers. Its main indicators include degree of polymerization, alcoholysis and other special performance indicators.Liwei Chemical ...
Posted on 08/03/22

Best Commercial Cleaning
If you are looking for a website to find best information on commercial cleaning , click on the earlier mentioned site. A lot of very ...
Posted on 07/28/22

Order Cannabinoids Online
PurelyChem is an online Cannabinoid store where you get Cannabinoids for sale in the USA and other countries. ̣We are one of the top synthetic ...
Posted on 07/27/22

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