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ચૂંટણીમાં ભાજપની પહેલી જીત, સુરત બેઠક પર મુકેશ દલાલ બિનહરીફ ચૂંટાયા
ગુજરાતના સુરત લોકસભા બેઠક પર અભૂતપૂર્વ ઘટનાક્રમે વચ્ચે સોમવારે ભાજપના ઉમેદવાર મુકેશ દલાલ બિનહરીફ ચૂંટાઈ આવ્યાં હતા. આમ દેશમાં લોકસભાની ચૂંટણીમાં ભાજપની આ પ્રથમ જીત ...
Posted on 04/22/24

ધૂમ્રપાન પર પ્રતિબંધની યોજનાઓ સામે પ્રતિકારનો સામનો કરતા ઋષિ સુનક
વડા પ્રધાન ઋષિ સુનકને 15 વર્ષ અને તેથી ઓછી ઉંમરના કોઈપણ વ્યક્તિ માટે ધૂમ્રપાન પર અસરકારક રીતે પ્રતિબંધ મૂકતી પ્રસ્તાવિત યોજના અને નવા બિલ બાબતે ...
Posted on 04/18/24

રાજકોટમાં ક્ષત્રિય મહાસંમેલનઃ રૂપાલાના મુદ્દે ભાજપને 4 દિવસનું અલ્ટિમેટમ
કેન્દ્રીય પ્રધાન અને રાજકોટ લોકસભા બેઠક પરથી ભાજપના ઉમેદવાર પરષોત્તમ રૂપાલાની રાજા રજવાડા અંગેની અપમાનજનક ટીપ્પણીનો વિરોધ કરવા ક્ષત્રિય સમાજે રાજકોટમાં રવિવારે વિશાળ મહાસંમેલન યોજ્યું ...
Posted on 04/15/24

Decoding Markets, Maximizing Returns
Capitalmarkettimes: Your source for the latest crypto and stock news, updates, and insights
Posted on 04/12/24

Boost Your Hiring Process With Agile Recruitment
Get the most out of your hiring process by making it faster, more collaborative, and more efficient with agile recruitment
Posted on 04/09/24

Yo Yo Movies
YoYo MoviesElevating Your Cinematic Experience with Top Movies, Weekly Gems, and a Vast Movie CollectionIntroduction:Welcome to the enchanting world of YoYo Movies, where every frame ...
Posted on 03/27/24

Innovations to maintain project control with remote teams
Discover innovative strategies to maintain project control with remote teams. Explore insights into effective communication tools, project management platforms, and collaboration techniques. Learn how partnering ...
Posted on 03/21/24

Posted on 03/11/24

Discover Unmatched Luxury: M3M Golf Hills Residences Revealed
M3M Golf Hills epitomizes the essence of golf-inspired living, offering a comprehensive lifestyle experience that is truly unmatched. Positioned amidst the picturesque Aravalli range, M3M ...
Posted on 02/17/24

Cryptocurrency Malaysia
Crypto - We provide cryptocurrency news from Malaysia and Asia, and you can join our community of like-minded individuals.
Posted on 01/16/24

Buy Chandelier Jhumar Lights Online for Timeless Glamour
Transform your space with our exquisite collection of Chandelier and Jhumar Lights. Explore a range of stylishs chandelier and jhumar lights to find the perfect ...
Posted on 01/03/24

Framez House, a leading video production company in Dubai, is synonymous with innovation and creativity. Started by Mohammed Hassan, it has evolved into one of ...
Posted on 12/28/23

Matillion Online Course USA
Matillion also provides a library of pre-built connectors and transformation components to facilitate the integration of data from various sources, including databases, cloud applications, and ...
Posted on 12/05/23

SEO Company In Ahmedabad
Elevate your online presence with the leading SEO company in Ahmedabad. Our expert team specializes in optimizing websites to boost visibility on search engines. Drive ...
Posted on 11/28/23

Yourscommunity is all about the recent happenings and trends. Be it any news, trending tech ideas, fashion or homedecor, yours community discusses everything.
Posted on 11/13/23

User sammuel93 - Minecraft Command Science
User sammuel93 - Minecraft Command Science
Posted on 11/07/23

The Hidden Perils in the AI Model Assembly Line
To discover more about the unspoken risks associated with the AI model assembly line, read this exclusive article from AITech.Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the ...
Posted on 10/31/23

Second Hand Ac Buyers in Chennai | second hand ac dealers chennai
We Are The Best Second Hand Ac Buyers in Chennai | second hand ac dealers chennaicities like Chennai where summertime temperatures may climb to intolerable ...
Posted on 10/30/23

Entire Tech: Your Ultimate Mac Support Companion
Looking for top-tier Mac support and MacBook repair services? Entire Tech is your trusted ally for all things Mac-related! 🍏 Our team of experts is ...
Posted on 10/27/23

Expert Mac Support by Entire Tech: Your System's Security Guide
Looking for top-tier mac support and mac repair services? Explore Entire Tech's expert guidance and ensure the security of your Mac system. From troubleshooting to ...
Posted on 10/27/23

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