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Best Food For Piles

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Best Food For Piles
Piles specialist lady doctor in Chandigarh first counsel the patient to improve the dietary habits.
❏whole grains - Grains like Barley oatmeals whole wheat Bran flakes are highly recommended foods in piles as they are rich source of fibre and help in releasing constipation Vegetables Fruits Legumes .Green leafy vegetables and root vegetables like green peas brocolli sprouts split peasa black peas sweet potatoes turnips beets carrots potatoes are rich source of water and hydrate body .They reduce constipation and ease piles symptoms .
❏Bell peppers Cucumbers Melons Pears Apples And Berries These are rich source of fibre and have approx 90/ water content .
❏Fruits should be taken with the peel on to get best results .
❏Fluids -Should be abundantly to keep yourself hydrated and make stool softer and easier to pass Ideally an adult should take at least 8-10glasses of fluids daily which may include low sugar drinks lassi lemon water coconut water also
Posted on 07/21/20

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