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Biharsharif Badi Dargah

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Biharsharif Badi Dargah
Bihar Sharif badi dargah is famous place because of the famous sufi of all time. Makhdum Baba is buried there. The grave of Makhdum Baba is inside the Badi Dargah. Every year people come to visit his grave to show gratitude on his death anniversary.On fifth of Eid, Many poeple come from far to visit thier to see the fair which fascinating for poeple. Many arrangements are thier like Halwa Pratha for Eating and one of those things and which is fascinate poeple and that is Jhoola.Poeple rides on Jhoola and get enjoy.These are really very enjoyable for people.Children comes with thier parrent to enjoy and do fun.
Posted on 12/28/20

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