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Cisco Homes Reviews

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Cisco Homes Reviews
It will be a lonely, frustrating life for the pathetic prancing pansies who listen to this mesmerizing audio recording because this file will turn you into a cuckold who is unlikely to ever have sex with a woman again. If you have a partner you can kiss goodbye to sex with her and instead will become fixated on finding a man who can actually satisfy her physical needs. And in the more likely event that you are single then from now on you will only find it possible to have a relationship with a woman who has sex with other men, and not you. You may even find that you become jealous of her, as you find yourself craving to suck your partner's boyfriend's cock. You will find yourself slowly becoming completely obsessed with thoughts of all those couples out there enjoying exotic and exciting sex lives whilst you sit at home night after night playing with your little sissy raisin like the pathetic pansy you are. This file uses extremely harsh humiliation and is most definitely not for the faint-hearted or sensitive souls.
Posted on 03/23/22

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