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Diploma In Engineering

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Diploma In Engineering
The need for skilled technicians will always be there as India makes rapid strides in Science & Technology. They are the backbone of the engineering operation of any entity.
Whether it is mechanical, electrical or civil engineering, a diploma engineer is the front end engineer who does the work.
These engineers are indispensable for any organization because they have hands-on skills crucial for the job.
The oil & gas industry offers tremendous opportunities for diploma engineers because it requires hands-on skills prevalent in these engineers.
Similarly, the infrastructure domain is full of options where we require diploma engineers.
Many companies advertise large requirements for diploma engineers as they possess the practical insight lacked by others.
With the GOI emphasizing on make in India, the need for diploma engineers has quadrupled.
They are the experts in production technology because they practice this on machines.
Mechanical engineers with expertise in automobile engineering are the most sought after in auto industry.
India being one of the largest producers of automobiles in the world, there is a huge requirement of automobile engineers.
A diploma holder has hands on expertise of working on production machines therefore he is suitable for such profiles.
There is a rapid infrastructure revamp taking place in the country. New highways & expressways are connecting the length & breathe of the country.
This opens up many opportunities for civil engineering diploma holders.
Initially, the package may be less, but the practical insights gained adds tremendous value to one’s profile. For future career growth, it’s the experience that counts as company’s look for expertise & not degree.
Even during the pandemic, the construction of roads & infrastructure projects has continued unabated. This explains the importance of a diploma in civil engineering.
Newspapers have carried regular vacancies for civil engineers, which makes it an evergreen branch.
We require estate managers in every institution, from schools, colleges to housing societies. These estate managers handle the up gradation & maintenance of their building, hence the requirement for a diploma in civil engineering.
Please understand that engineering is a practical skill that requires working for or on machines to solve a problem.
An engineer who is adept in practical skills can easily find work because he has hands-on skills.
A computer engineer who cannot do graphic designing or coding may find it difficult to get a job because these are the hot skills.
Both of them require practice for excellence. The degree gained will be useless without hands-on skills because companies want people who can do the job.
Acknowledging these requirements, VGI Meerut offers experiential learning in its diploma programs.
The college has a state-of-the-art infrastructure comprising labs & workshops that nurture industry ready professionals.
We believe that knowledge gained without practice is futile because engineers make the world.
From developing advanced modes of transport to creation of payment gateways, engineering is the pillar of growth & development.
We have furnished the computing labs with Intel powered machines that harness the coding skills, thus making us the best Diploma colleges in Meerut.
We equipped the college with mechanical, electrical, electronics & Civil engineering workshops that empower engineers with industry ready skills.
We have established them in collaboration with industry for nurturing industry ready professionals, thus making us the best colleges for diploma in Meerut.
VGI has manned these workshops with experts who show the outcome to instill conceptual understanding, thus making us the best Diploma colleges in Meerut.
We impart hands-on skills by developing prototypes that empower them with engineering acumen, thus making us the best polytechnic colleges in Meerut.
They filled the seminar halls with round the year activity & engineering conclaves that educate students on the latest trends in engineering.
We organize industry seminars where corporate wizards enlighten students, thus making us the best diploma colleges in Meerut.
We have designed the classrooms scientifically, which allow learning through discussion & deliberation. This helps to overcome inhibition, thus making us the best colleges for diploma in Meerut.
The Choice based Credit system (CBCS) allows students to learn to program languages that will enhance their job prospects.
The Graphics Lab allows them to hone their design skills, thus making us the best diploma colleges in Meerut UP.
The faculty at VGI is an amalgam of academic & industry skills crucial for placing students. They impart practical insights that fosters real learning, thus making us the best polytechnic colleges in Meerut UP.
Majority of them are postgraduates who transmit hands-on skills in labs, thus making us the best colleges for a diploma in Meerut.
Their industrial experience complements their teaching, thus enabling the placement of students.
VGI is particular about the applied skills of its students therefore, we offer internship to the students. Students gain hands-on skills crucial for the job, thus making us the best colleges for the diploma in Meerut UP.
We have partnered with leading industries for the internship opportunities. Majority of the students get placed after their internship, thus proving our exemplary training.
Through internship, companies judge the capability, thus making us the best diploma colleges in Meerut UP.
Our teaching is unique because we teach by involving students that fosters understanding.
We use case studies, projects, prototypes & quizzes that involve students, thus making us the best colleges for a diploma in Meerut UP.
Students take up projects & complete them within stipulated time thus preparing them for corporate careers.
This way they feel peer pressure & acclimatize themselves to industry culture, thus making us the best polytechnic colleges in Meerut UP.
We make our students take part in quizzes that help to remove their hesitation, thus making us the best colleges for diploma in Meerut UP.
Courses Offered
The institute offers 3 years Diploma in Engineering in –
• Computer science,
• Civil,
• Mechanical,
• Electronics & communication,
• Mechanical (Production, Automobile, R&M),
• Electrical,
• Chemical
• Refrigeration & Air-conditioning.
Board of apprenticeship Training (NR) under the Ministry of HRD & Department of Higher Education, Government of India (GOI) has approved our diploma programs.
Posted on 11/10/21

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