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Evaporators Manufacturer | ALAQUA INC

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Evaporators Manufacturer | ALAQUA INC
If you are looking for an industrial evaporator manufacturer company, you have come to the right place. Alaqua is a reputed industrial evaporator supplier and we offer our evaporator products in various fields such as the Food & Dairy industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Agrochemical industry, Herbal industry. Evaporators are used for the concentration or crystallization of liquids. In most cases, evaporators are used to increase the solid contents of the liquid product prior to drying. This is a cost-effective method of removal of moisture. An evaporator consists of either plate type or shell and tube type heat exchanger. The liquid feed is passed through the heat exchanger and indirectly heated with the help of steam. This operation is either done at atmospheric pressure or under a vacuum. Evaporation under a vacuum is most energy-efficient and also ensures that the product does not get overheated. Since Evaporator configuration is a crucial factor in design our proposed Industrial Evaporators body ensures long term continuous operation with less cleaning requirements. Alaqua leads by virtue of superior engineering design capabilities, manufacturing excellence, and a project-based approach for commitment to delivery with high performance for total evaporation solutions customized to the client’s requirement. For more info visit the website and submit the contact us form.
Posted on 12/28/20

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