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Everything you wanted to know about bison

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Everything you wanted to know about bison
Bison are similar to cattle and buffalo, species that belong to hoofed animals. Their anatomy is a little different. They are very strongly built and famous worldwide for their meat. The market for Bison red meat is growing every day! The meat is also very nutritious.
Quality of Bison Meat
Bison meat is lower in total saturated fat. It is much leaner than beef and is a healthier choice by most consumers. The reason being, it is having more than 28% fewer calories than beef. Due to its lower fat content, bison has finer fat marbling which gives softer and tender meat! After, being cooked, it tastes very delicious and tastes a bit sweeter. It is lighter, coarser compared to Buffalo meat.
Posted on 09/06/21

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