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Executive Protection Security Services In USA

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Executive Protection Security Services In USA
PRO-ACTIVE – having made the assessment make a pro-active decision, on your terms, of what to do. Weight Loss Thus allowing you to take the initiative and not have to react to what may be developing in front of you. An old saying goes – any decision is better than no decision. This is often true, especially if you have made a calm and rapid assessment of the threat/s – now you have to be pro-active, hopefully removing yourself from the threat/situation early to avoid the danger. Use CRAP™ – it’s easy to remember and can help guide you through the immediate decision-making process to remain safe in a difficult situation. Panicking never helps – Campground Software and rushed decisions without assessing the situation can actually make things worse….so think CRAP™ and stay Safe.
Posted on 09/08/20

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