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300 hour yoga ttc in rishikesh

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300 hour yoga ttc in rishikesh
Absolutely, the 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) in Rishikesh, specializing in Hatha Yoga, offers an advanced level of training for individuals who have already completed a 200-hour TTC or equivalent certification. This program goes deeper into the practice and teachings of Hatha Yoga, providing participants with a more profound understanding of this ancient discipline.

Advanced Hatha Yoga Asana Practice: You'll delve deeper into the practice of Hatha Yoga asanas (postures), exploring advanced poses, variations, alignment principles, and modifications. The focus is on refining your practice and deepening your understanding of each asana.

Pranayama and Meditation: The program includes in-depth instruction and practice of pranayama (breath control) techniques and meditation practices to enhance breath awareness, concentration, relaxation, and inner peace.

Posted on 03/26/24

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