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The absence of the meatus at the tip of the penis is known as hypospadias. Instead, the hole could be anywhere
along the penis's bottom. Near the tip of the penis, the meatus (hole) is most frequently located ("distal" position). However, it can also be located inside the scrotum or between the center of the penile shaft and the base of the penis ("proximal" positions). Distal hypospadias affects more than 80% of the guys with
this health condition.

Dr. Vishesh Dikshit, the best Hypospadias Surgeon in Pune, has dedicated himself to providing the highest-quality
and most successful Hypospadias Surgery in Pune for the past 17 years. He is the best pediatrician who treats
a wide range of pediatric surgeries. In particular, he is interested in Pediatric Minimal Access Surgery (through Laparoscopy, Thoracoscopy, and Genitourinary-scopy), Pediatric Colorectal diseases (including Hirschprung’s disease and Anorectal Abnormalities), and Pediatric Urology Disease.
Posted on 07/05/22

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