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Kopiki enables Buyers and Suppliers to meet online

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Kopiki enables Buyers and Suppliers to meet online
There is a climate emergency and even more pressing than that is events and borders being restricted due to the Coronavirus. The world still wants to meet to do business and for buyers and suppliers to build relationships, but exhibitions, conferences and face to face meetings are being postponed or cancelled.
These restrictions mean it is important that the world of business makes use of other tools and opportunities to ensure targets are met and projects completed.
Kopiki enables Buyers and Suppliers to meet online and build relationships very similar to meeting up at a conference or exhibition, we also enable buyers to engage with existing suppliers – comparing products and services as well as enabling regular review of your suppliers commodity prices on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Kopiki was launched in 2016 and now has users signed up from 49 countries, our Suppliers cover over 7000 categories of goods and services so you can post a requirement and open a Kopiki Marketplace for anything you need under these categories.
If you are going to miss out on attending an exhibition or a conference, why not sign up to Kopiki as a Buyers and Supplier (Exhibitor/Speaker) and start building relationships?
Our process helps you discover Suppliers that you are very likely to do business with.
· Kopiki uses an algorithm to score Suppliers
· Suppliers filter themselves based on the opportunity
· Buyers engage anonymously via chat before selecting
By having a careful qualification process using our B2B matching software and keeping the Buyer anonymous until they are happy to share contact details with the supplier, we reduce risk and create a match that means you are very likely to do business together. So here, buyers and suppliers will meet together.
To start the process go to sign up as a Buyer and post whatever product and service you require under one of our categories and open a Marketplace or sign up as a Supplier and list the categories you offer.

Kopiki buyers and suppliers
Posted on 06/16/20

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