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32nd Avenue Milestone

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32nd Avenue Milestone
There is one experience that stands separated from the rest of 32nd Avenue Milestone endeavors and attractions. "The Galleries," as it's known. It is, for certain, the best business property to place assets into right now in Gurgaon. This business property was retrofitted to a detriment of for the most part Rs 25 crore by Milestone Ventures. To replicate the design as a particularly organized more responsible option objective with an assurance of F&B (food and drinks) and premium brands, it selected the help of property consultancy CBRE South Asia as both a lease and advancing assistant. Developing the prominent figure of 32nd Milestone among the senior age, we want to contact the more young and more educated workforce here as well, and make new experiences that will persevere always," said Dhruv Sharma, CEO of Milestone Ventures, in a gathering with Economic Times. Arranged on the public highway among Delhi and Jaipur. 32nd Avenue has a hard and fast area of 2.4 million square feet, of which "The Galleries" incorporate 40,000 square feet. Focusing in on giving a virtuoso experience that should be found in an awesome quality region stacked up with luxury things on a "Street" in LA or Manhattan. Furthermore, the blend of "authority" and "lavishness" purchasing is presumably going to be the most specific and outstanding primer to strike the Indian business region. This well known, old-school headquarters from our school days has gone through a basic update.
Posted on 03/21/22

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