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Pulse Fitness | Gym & Fitness Facility In Scottsdale, Arizona

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Pulse Fitness | Gym & Fitness Facility In Scottsdale, Arizona
Anybody who has ever played a sport or trained with a fitness coach can tell you that a good coach does more than just give you drills and count repetitions. A good coach can influence their client or athlete in a way that carries through their entire lives. Many athletes and successful businessmen will talk about the influence that a childhood or high school coach had on them. A coach, in youth sports, can often be an extension of the parents and teachers. These youth coaches act in a role that gives them authority over the athletes. They put athletes through extremely strenuous exercises and give criticism all in the spirit of desiring success for the athlete and team. A good coach is a teacher, a mentor, and a leader. Unfortunately, there are more bad coaches than good coaches. So, what makes the difference between a great coach and a bad coach?
Posted on 12/16/20

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