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Rainstar Photography

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Rainstar Photography
Rainstar Photography is a premier professional photography service in Singapore. They specialize in almost all types of photography services. Whether you want photography services for corporate events, birthday parties, R.O.M, Wedding actual day, graduation ceremony, community event, dance, exhibitions, school activities, sports events, personal album, pet photography or product photography, their professional photographers are the best choices. With more than 10 years of experience in the field they have mastered in capturing the moments in the most fascinating way. And their latest photography services enable them to realize the “live broadcast” of pictures through an instant image platform which driven by cloud technology. Their latest service involves instant photo, instant editing and instant sharing. Make sure to book their services 5 days in advance. Contact them directly or leave a message at +65 9191-6255. You can also email them at For more details on their photography services in Singapore visit today.
Posted on 08/28/20

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