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RootsMagic Essentials Free Version

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Is RootsMagic Free?
RootsMagic Essentials is the version of RootsMagic and this is absolutely free and easy way to track your ancestors.

Do you want to use RootsMagic Essentials Free Genealogy software? If yes, then keep staying with us. In addition, we will tell you about the free version of RootsMagic software. Are RootsMagic Essentials is the free version of RootsMagic? then the answer is yes.

If you need any help regarding RootsMagic or their free version, then you can call the RootsMagic Software Support

Many users raised the question about the RootsMagic free version– Is RootsMagic Essentials is free or not? So the answer RootsMagic Essentials is absolutely free for genealogy software users.
Posted on 04/12/21

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