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10th International Conference on Biotechnology Research

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 10th International Conference on Biotechnology Research
Pulsus conference proudly presents the two-day, “10th International Conference on Biotechnology Research” on December 07-08, 2022 in Dubai, UAE where competitors from across the world are invited to showcase their knowledge, skills, and research experience in biotechnology.

The theme and focus of Biotechnology Congress 2022 are "Emerging Technologies and Research in Biotechnology", where participants can present research ideas through oral presentations, poster presentations, and video presentations on all aspects with 15+ tracks and sessions.

The Biotechnology Congress 2022 provides the perfect platform for scientists and researchers, young researchers, industrial delegates, and student communities and individuals to discuss and learn about novel findings in subjects like genetics, proteomics, gene therapy, plant tissue culture, animal tissue culture, food processing, marine biology, cancer biology, forensic science, environmental science, etc.,

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about recent advancements in the field of biotechnology, participate in discussions on issues of common interest, and form new professional ties, partnerships, and collaborations at this event. Biotechnology Congress 2022 would provide participants with the knowledge they need to incorporate sustainable principles into the development of useful products and technologies for humankind.

We believe that the outcome of the Biotechnology Congress 2022 will result in major contributions to the knowledge base in the cutting-edge scientific domains of biotechnology.

Conference Highlights

Trends in Biotechnology
Genomics and Proteomics
Cell and Molecular Biotechnology
Genetic Engineering
Biotechnology in Tissue Engineering
Microbial Biotechnology
Protein Engineering
Environmental and Agricultural Biotechnology
Biotechnology in Food Processing
Enzyme Technology
Algal Biotechnology
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Fermentation Technology
Biotech Products and Drug Design
Biomedical Engineering and Instrumentation
Structural Bioinformatics
Cancer Biology
Stem Cell Research

Benefits of Attending Conference

All presenters, delegates, and students will get CME accreditation certificates
To provide the opportunity to present your thoughts and products to others
To broaden your horizons and discover solutions to challenges
Learn beyond your field of interest
Brand Establishment
Exchange of recent innovative information on biotechnology
A great place to learn new career skills.
Insights to research and innovate ideas
To create network and meet the expertise
Networking opportunities with some of the world's most prestigious biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and biochemical companies.
Posted on 08/19/22

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