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What is the Cost of test tube baby in India

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What is the Cost of test tube baby in India
The cost IVF procedure varies from clinic to clinic, doctor to doctor and even on patient condition. Select IVF India offers low cost treatment with high success rate. The IVF is of two types that is basic IVF treatment and advance treatment. The cost of basic IVF treatment by select IVF India is INR 1, 75,000 to INR 2, 00,000. The cost in India will be different on addition with advance ART procedures or on the basis of infertility condition of couple. The cost of advance IVF treatment can be INR 4, 00,000 or even more depending upon the couple’s infertility condition and advance ART technique used along with IVF treatment. The advance IVF treatment in India generally includes ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, PESA, TESA, MESA etc. which have extra cost in addition to the basic IVF cost.
Posted on 12/21/20

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