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Why High Society USS HS 2 Stand Up Paddle Board?

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High Society was established in the heart of Aspen, Colorado in 2003 and has been dedicated to providing premium gear directly to their loyal customers since. All of their boards are hand crafted using a controlled multi-step finishing process after rigorous R&D testing in all-season weather. Who doesn’t love local supporting local? The company partners with local artists and designers for exclusive artwork on all of their boards. The team at High Society also pride themselves on their impeccable customer relationship management, so when you buy from High Society you not only receive the best gear but the best service. The company even backs all of their paddleboards with a full 3-year warranty. With over 15 years of experience and a lifetime of passion High Society guarantees the most rider-friendly, high performance gear.
The Board Overall
High Society is a creature of habit, the company crafts all-around boards that are versatile enough to handle any condition, though they strayed from their usual body build when they created the USS HS 2. The 10’6” long board is a whopping 35” wide making this their widest board yet. With all of that extra room you can try some SUP yoga or bring a furry friend along, hey you can even let a kid on deck for the ride. Whatever you choose to do with the extra space, the USS is stable and rigid enough to handle it. The board has a 300-pound weight capacity; that’s enough for a heavyweight rider and a cooler of cold brews. So, if stability is your main concern in an all-around iSUP then allow USS HS 2 to hold you.
Length: 10’6”
Width: 35”
Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
Fin configuration: Tri-fin: Removable center and two fixed side fins
The Board: On the Inside
With military-grade construction, High Society boards are tough enough to take getting driven over by an excavator. Although it’s not recommended this goes to show that a High Society it will last you for years to come, sharp rocks and dog claws are nothing to be feared here.
Reinforced rails keep your board stiffer than a, well, a (wooden) board. At six inches thick the super buoyant USS HS 2 keeps you floating high on top of the water from tip to tail, no sinking or bowing here. The top deck is covered in diamond grooved EVA foam for a soft and secure grip.
In the center of the deck pad is a soft carrying handle that lays flat and out of the way when you’re doing SUP yoga or simply trying to lie down and watch the clouds pass you by. At the nose of the board is a bungee storage zone for bringing gear along, the extra room here is also great for carrying passengers of the furry or human persuasion.
The flattened rocker makes the USS more suitable for a wider variety of conditions. At the tail of the board is the inflation valve as well as two D-rings for attaching a leash and tethering. The tri-fin setup consists of a removable tool-less center fin with an EZ clip and two fixed pliable side fins.
Setup and Performance
If you’re an absolute beginner; by the time it takes you to inflate the USS HS 2 and get halfway across the lake you will be feeling like a pro. This board is so easy to use we’re not so sure you’ll need the instructions.
Setting up and inflating the board is self-explanatory, the only thing you need to know if you’ve never paddled before, is to inflate the board to 15 PSI and make sure the valve is closed. Once you’re on the water the USS is so stable and easy to maneuver it does most of the work for you.
Remove the center fin if you’re in super shallow waters to avoid catching on anything, but use the center fin for straighter tracking and more control otherwise. As a seasoned rider, you can take on some light surf on the USS with or without the fin.
The board floats well above the water and doesn’t get swept away in the side winds. SUP yoga is no longer to be feared with the USS, basic flows are possible on most High Society boards but the USS steps it up a notch giving you all the stability for advanced asanas and even balances.
The slightly wider platform makes all the difference, just when we thought a High Society board couldn’t be more stable, they give us the USS HS 2.
The Highs and the Lows
High Society sprinkles a little bit of everything nice into their boards and the USS HS 2 has more than ever before with its increased stability and control. The company did a good job covering all the SUP basics in their all-around boards, the only thing missing is a few extra grab handles. Now, this is not a necessary addition but one that would add to the ease and functionality of the USS HS 2.
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Posted on 01/31/23

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