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Woz is a leading cloud-based CDP & marketing technology company dedicated to empowering enterprises. Our mission is to help businesses collect, transform, and activate data to achieve exceptional growth and engagement.

Through our cutting-edge Data Transformation and Activation Platform, we offer marketers innovative, AI-driven solutions that enhance customer acquisition, drive growth, and optimize retention. We facilitate seamless integration across advertising, marketing, and data management partners, enabling enterprises to expand their consumer base effectively.

Additionally, we assist enterprises in analyzing trillions of customer touchpoints and predicting behaviors across various digital platforms, including Email, Connected TV, SMS, Websites, and Social Media. Our Predictive AI technology enables businesses to make informed decisions and drive results.

With over 100 Martech and Adtech integrations, we provide advanced options for campaign optimizations while ensuring data privacy and control are upheld. Woz is your partner in leveraging data for unprecedented business success
Posted on 03/05/24

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